JTFY Corrugated Fin Wall Machine Warranty & Services :

1.Not use Welding Clamping and Forming Mechanical Structure in JTFY machinery!

JTFY, the manufacturer that only use GB QT500 standard DUCTILE IRON CASTING PARTS for heavy mechanical structures!

—WE Insist on use good quality standard Steel plate!

—WE Insist on use world famous brands Electric elements!

—WE Insist on use world famous brands Hydraulic valves!

—WE Insist on Precision machining!

2.All Standard Electrical Parts and Hydraulic Pasts Must the BEST QUALITY and WORLD FAMOUS BRAND!

Mitsubishi,OMRON,Schneider,Northman,Faston etc Famous Brand with excellent and stable function be our standard spare parts be used in JTFY Corrugated Fin Wall Machinery.

JTFY focus on provide excellent transformer machinery, and after years running, those machines still produce good precision corrugated fins/radiators for your oil immersed transformer tanks.


1.Corrugated Fin Wall Workshop layout and planning

2.Customized Design and Manufacture Forming Machine as per end users demand

3.Full automatic Manufacturing Processes solution

4.Corrugated Fin Wall machinery maintenance and impairment

JTFY -The Quality Transformer Machinery Supplier!

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transformer tank corrugated fins forming machine
transformer tank corrugated fins forming machine

Oil-immersed transformer corrugated fins forming machine


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